Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

In the music industry there has been so many songs and lyrics in relation to broken hearts, “Where do broken hearts go?” as well as, the newest hit, “Sleeping with a broken heart”. Both men and women wake up and realize one day that their heart has been trampled on by someone that they loved.

Some have walked through the process of healing and some have yet to experience a true healing of their emotions. The circle of trust once again must be re-established so that one does not make an assumption that all individuals are the same.
However, in our time of brokenness there is so much we could learn. Remember, we too play a part of this broken piece of the puzzle. There could be a number of things that led to this point of brokenness in our lives. Unkindness in our words, how we judge the other person or could it be that we have issues ourselves? Believe it or not, we could be just as wrong and could play the part in breaking a heart too.

But, what do we do when we find ourselves here? Where do we go with our emotions? Well, just telling it to a close friend can be helpful for the moment. However, when it comes to our damaged emotions a quick fix is simply not enough. Seeking professional counseling would help to get a corrective perception of your dilemma that would result in a long lasting effect on your future relationships.

Also, when it is all said and done no one knows us like the one who created us. When a kitchen appliance is broken you take it back to the manufacturer. You take it back to the one who made the product. When we are experiencing a broken area of our lives, going back to the one who created us, our Heavenly Father not only mends the broken place temporarily but puts in us the ability to heal completely so that when the vulnerability comes around again, we have the right parts to withstand.

Oh my friend, it is not healthy to think that you can shield your heart forever. Unless you plan on living in a cave or simply leaving this world you will get hurt again. But where do we go when the hurt is insurmountable and too hard to handle? Can I suggest to you my friend that you make the choice to go to the right source? This will make all the difference in the world for your continual existence on this earth.

Come on take a risk again, life is worth it!