Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where are the Men?

I never thought the moment would come so quickly that I would be sitting in a new student orientation for the youngest son of my loins at North Carolina A&T.
As my husband and I walked from building to building in the scorching heat of 97 degrees, we felt like rotisserie chickens cooking! We huffed and puffed our silent parental love and commitment to our children. We rearranged our busy schedules to drive 4 hours, with one eye open and one eye closed to sit in new student lecture #5 from president and faculty. Why? Because it us our parental responsibility to the successful future of our children. One of my disturbing observations as I perused the audience over my 2nd day visit was that there was only 10 adult men in attendance. Where were the fathers, uncles, grandfathers or big brothers?

Were they just working? Were they AWOL in the child's life? Was the sacrifice worth it? A moment of a lifetime for your daughter and or for your son. When does the cycle of absenteeism stop! If our sons and daughters make it thus far in their education, should we not jump into the journey with them? When My husband and I counted this cost for the fifth time and after taking big gulps of water I asked myself, "what is a little heat?" After flopping into the hotel bed, "what is a little lack of sleep?" At the end of the day, the rewards are priceless! This is a clarion call to all fathers, big brothers, uncles and grandfathers, it's time to make a difference and make it difficult for our children to fail.