Thursday, March 7, 2013

Be The Best You!

There are a few people on my journey of life that I have truly admired the manner in which they have stayed true to themselves, their goals and their accomplishments. As I reflected on these people, I recognized that having great admiration for who someone is or for what they do is not wrong. However, I realize that their path and destiny may be a little altered from mine. Why? Because God fearfully and wonderfully made me for what He has purposed in His heart for me to do in life. My path may have some similarities as those I admire, but God intrinsically placed certain ingredients in me to reach and impart to those I may divinely come in contact with. He just requires for me to be the "best" that I can be in order to accomplish those assignments. Very often, we are inundated with images to have us desiring the lifestyles of those on the magazines covers at the counter of our local grocery or from not-so-real reality shows. But have we ever thought, how can I bring the fame of God to someone through every day encounters just by living out my purpose? Why do we put ourselves at the bottom of the totem pole, when God sees us differently? There is no one that knows what's in us better than our Creator. So my friend, admire from afar, but get close to God in order to release the "best" part of you to others. Just be the best you, because no one can be that but YOU!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Cool Down

If you are like me, you are wondering where this summer has gone. We seemed to have started this summer with high temperatures and highly active kids-with no intentions of slowing down. Although our children or grandchildren may need us to take them to every possible activity or athletic camp, they keep us moving. This summer has been beautiful and has afforded me the perfect start I needed to get outside and staying active. Our Women of Life- health and fitness events have been focused on improving our eating habits and staying physically active. I recently received a letter from a 47 year-old woman who has been attending these sessions and wanted to share of her exciting accomplishments: “ The health information, healthy diet, and exercise sessions were all inspirational and instrumental to helping me focus on my health and stepping up my game concerning my overall health exercise and diet routine. I’m actually running in events and have already accomplished the 1 mile, two 5k events, and one 8k event.” What an awesome achievement! Like many of you, I have been viewing the London-Olympic games; and I can’t help but feel like USA Olympian Allison Felix. I’ve come off the blocks of summer strong but not always with such perfect form. Physical activity is not only beneficial to our bodies but it helps our minds. It has been widely known that aerobic exercise can treat just about anything, from depression to improve memory. As we remove ourselves from the fast-paced summer begin to focus on your summer cool down- and take some time and relax. Before you focus on back-to-school shopping, get a good book for yourself and rest your mind. Meditate on this verse in your quiet time, Hebrews 4:10, “For the one who has entered His rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from His.” (NASB) Approach the home-stretch with a peaceful summer cool down!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Love

During this time of the year, many are traveling to graduations and weddings and spending moments with family and friends. There is so much love in the air! I just returned from my 31st wedding anniversary, where I spent great moments with the love of my life in the mountains of Phoenix Arizona! We stayed at the Phoenician Spa & Golf Resort in Scottsdale. How refreshing to enjoy a couples massage before attacking the golf course the next day in 111 degree weather! Whew, we were teeing off the top of mountain cliffs- such a spectacular view! I didn't win but it was an experience to behold! We spent moments hanging around the pool and fighting off the ducks and black crows from eating our guacamole, salsa and chips!! Ugh!! We enjoyed traveling to the shops downtown where I discovered a great consignment boutique with some outrageous finds and ate at a great BBQ joint that could have been featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins and Drives. It was such a unique dining experience where after putting our meal in a large crate, we ate our chicken and ribs on white paper- how cool! Overall, my days would not have been complete without spending my moments laughing and screaming with my best friend! My husband has been my best friend over the three decades that we have been married- these moments and countless others are priceless memories I have cataloged in our marriage. The beauty of making memories is that they are not all created or experienced by way of extravagant purchases. Rather in between the frenzy of fighting away ducks and laughing over delicious barbeque, we continued living out pieces of our love together. This is an experience I believe all should have - so this summer find love and joy in the presence of friends and family and guess what? You will discover God is smack in the middle of those moments! Go for it and have a blast!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Art of Mothering

As mothers of younger children, we’ve often made the statement, “I can’t wait until they get older!” It’s as if we think our maternal instincts will come to a screeching halt once they reach a certain age. But as time goes by, the realization that this is not the case becomes a permanent reality. We come to the understanding that a mother’s love is a never ending cycle that cannot be replaced and can only be released by a true “mom.” Just recently the devastating news of one of our 19 year old students committing suicide, struck me to the core. My heart grieved for her mother, as my own thoughts about my children entered my mind. Thoughts like, how on earth would I be able to handle such news if it were my own daughter? Or, how did I miss the signs of her reaching out – her cries for help? And then of course, the overwhelming sense of guilt and feeling that perhaps she would still be alive, if only I had……. So you see, through the good and the bad; the ups and the downs; the blood sweat and lord knows those tears, our children need us. In the midst of their cries of “I got this!” or “I’m grown!” they still need what only we can give. Perhaps not in the same way as they grow older and more mature, but always in a way that only a mother can provide by way of touch, healthy listening and constant care that drives them to purpose. Our love cannot be replaced. That’s why, this Mother's Day, after you have received your much deserved honor; your cards, gifts and all those hugs and kisses, you must decide not to ever turn in your “mom’s” badge. Always wear it with pride and with the quiet understanding that you are indeed mastering the art of mothering! Happy Mother’s Day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Are You Releasing in the New Year?

Another year has passed again already! How quickly these years are flying by, especially as you get older (smile). Like every human being on December 31st at 11:59pm, we made every decision in the book to make life different in 2011. By February, half the vows we made to ourselves or to those who dared to listen to us will probably not happen in 2011.

But if there is just ONE thing we can determine to do, we can determine to release offense in our lives. We can determine not to live our lives attached to our hurts or to those who may have hurt us. Having lived long enough, I realize that I have offended people, as much as, people offended me. However, if I keep holding the offense then I can never move ahead to accept all that my future has for me. The sadder moment is that I stayed trapped, while the one who may have offended me moves on in life. What in the world!

So this past New Year's Eve, I determined to live my life offense free! I realize I will get offended, but I don't have to be trapped in the offense! I am not willing to give up all that lays ahead of me because of an individual. My life is more valuable than that. So today, make a decision to let go of past offenses. You may not follow through with a diet or shedding of those unwanted pounds that you vowed on December 31st, but you can make a decision to move beyond those things that keep you trapped and keep you from moving forward.

A little secret it is not the diet that helps us shed the pounds, but it is a change of a lifestyle and way of thinking. Let's change our way of thinking about offenses and move forward in getting the best results out of our lives.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry Christmas to All & To All A Goodnight!

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. As a child, living in the projects of Massachusetts, my parents always made holidays special for seven children. If it was standing in a line to get a box of free toys from Globe Santa or cashing in S&H green stamps to have gifts under a tree, every moment was wrapped with love. Filling our air with baked goods helped us feel as special as any other child. Now being a mother of five my husband and I have begun making our own memories for the last 28 years. Leaving a legacy of love, laughter and joy in the air as we gathered around the tree and share stories and laugh at the Muppets Christmas Carol and The Christmas Story ( just to name a few) meant so much to us. For this holiday season make the moments count- bake some cookies, make a hot cider drink relax with family and friends and laugh your head off! These moments are free! Don't let the thoughts of a recession rob you of these moments! Make the decision to rejoice in the season!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Friday, October 22, 2010

Successful Leaders Move Beyond Barriers!

I am now in my 6th day in India teaching a group of remarkable people in the Northern territory of India.

From October 12th through the 15th I was in Delhi and I had an opportunity to see the history of the nation through many historical landmarks like forts, historical monuments and the number one wonder of the world--the Taj Mahal. What a rich reflection of heritage in some areas and such heart wrenching poverty in other parts of the country. As a leader I realized periodically it is good for me to go abroad to give myself to a people who can't give back to me. Living eleven days out of my own comfort zone to get a better appreciation for what life is really about helps me to understand a larger spectrum of issues in this world. Leaders, isn't this what we are really called to do instead of being at ease in Zion? Stay posted as I share more on the subject on this missionary journey. I have more days to go:)

Preparing for legacy,

Lady J