Thursday, March 7, 2013

Be The Best You!

There are a few people on my journey of life that I have truly admired the manner in which they have stayed true to themselves, their goals and their accomplishments. As I reflected on these people, I recognized that having great admiration for who someone is or for what they do is not wrong. However, I realize that their path and destiny may be a little altered from mine. Why? Because God fearfully and wonderfully made me for what He has purposed in His heart for me to do in life. My path may have some similarities as those I admire, but God intrinsically placed certain ingredients in me to reach and impart to those I may divinely come in contact with. He just requires for me to be the "best" that I can be in order to accomplish those assignments. Very often, we are inundated with images to have us desiring the lifestyles of those on the magazines covers at the counter of our local grocery or from not-so-real reality shows. But have we ever thought, how can I bring the fame of God to someone through every day encounters just by living out my purpose? Why do we put ourselves at the bottom of the totem pole, when God sees us differently? There is no one that knows what's in us better than our Creator. So my friend, admire from afar, but get close to God in order to release the "best" part of you to others. Just be the best you, because no one can be that but YOU!