Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Art of Mothering

As mothers of younger children, we’ve often made the statement, “I can’t wait until they get older!” It’s as if we think our maternal instincts will come to a screeching halt once they reach a certain age. But as time goes by, the realization that this is not the case becomes a permanent reality. We come to the understanding that a mother’s love is a never ending cycle that cannot be replaced and can only be released by a true “mom.” Just recently the devastating news of one of our 19 year old students committing suicide, struck me to the core. My heart grieved for her mother, as my own thoughts about my children entered my mind. Thoughts like, how on earth would I be able to handle such news if it were my own daughter? Or, how did I miss the signs of her reaching out – her cries for help? And then of course, the overwhelming sense of guilt and feeling that perhaps she would still be alive, if only I had……. So you see, through the good and the bad; the ups and the downs; the blood sweat and lord knows those tears, our children need us. In the midst of their cries of “I got this!” or “I’m grown!” they still need what only we can give. Perhaps not in the same way as they grow older and more mature, but always in a way that only a mother can provide by way of touch, healthy listening and constant care that drives them to purpose. Our love cannot be replaced. That’s why, this Mother's Day, after you have received your much deserved honor; your cards, gifts and all those hugs and kisses, you must decide not to ever turn in your “mom’s” badge. Always wear it with pride and with the quiet understanding that you are indeed mastering the art of mothering! Happy Mother’s Day!