Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Are You Releasing in the New Year?

Another year has passed again already! How quickly these years are flying by, especially as you get older (smile). Like every human being on December 31st at 11:59pm, we made every decision in the book to make life different in 2011. By February, half the vows we made to ourselves or to those who dared to listen to us will probably not happen in 2011.

But if there is just ONE thing we can determine to do, we can determine to release offense in our lives. We can determine not to live our lives attached to our hurts or to those who may have hurt us. Having lived long enough, I realize that I have offended people, as much as, people offended me. However, if I keep holding the offense then I can never move ahead to accept all that my future has for me. The sadder moment is that I stayed trapped, while the one who may have offended me moves on in life. What in the world!

So this past New Year's Eve, I determined to live my life offense free! I realize I will get offended, but I don't have to be trapped in the offense! I am not willing to give up all that lays ahead of me because of an individual. My life is more valuable than that. So today, make a decision to let go of past offenses. You may not follow through with a diet or shedding of those unwanted pounds that you vowed on December 31st, but you can make a decision to move beyond those things that keep you trapped and keep you from moving forward.

A little secret it is not the diet that helps us shed the pounds, but it is a change of a lifestyle and way of thinking. Let's change our way of thinking about offenses and move forward in getting the best results out of our lives.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!