Friday, October 22, 2010

Successful Leaders Move Beyond Barriers!

I am now in my 6th day in India teaching a group of remarkable people in the Northern territory of India.

From October 12th through the 15th I was in Delhi and I had an opportunity to see the history of the nation through many historical landmarks like forts, historical monuments and the number one wonder of the world--the Taj Mahal. What a rich reflection of heritage in some areas and such heart wrenching poverty in other parts of the country. As a leader I realized periodically it is good for me to go abroad to give myself to a people who can't give back to me. Living eleven days out of my own comfort zone to get a better appreciation for what life is really about helps me to understand a larger spectrum of issues in this world. Leaders, isn't this what we are really called to do instead of being at ease in Zion? Stay posted as I share more on the subject on this missionary journey. I have more days to go:)

Preparing for legacy,

Lady J