Friday, February 5, 2010

Picture This!

Have you ever found yourself reading a good book and all of a sudden you began to imagine yourself as one of the characters in the story? Or maybe you were watching a good movie and suddenly you became so engaged in the storyline that you saw yourself acting out the part you connected with best?

Now picture that! All of us at one time or another put ourselves in the middle of some director’s script only to realize that we are not the actual actors or actresses in the movie, but our passion for the role or the story became so real and close to our heart.

December 2009, I was in Uganda and had the opportunity to visit an orphanage during my trip. I put myself in the story, as I listened to the director of the orphanage share the daily struggles and heartache of caring for these children. Due to the lack of sponsorships, some of the children did not get to eat during the day, but I get to eat when I want too. My children get to eat everyday. I listened as they sent the children back home at the end of their day at the orphanage, as they coaxed them how to protect themselves from guardians who would rape and abuse them. I put myself in the picture and saw how difficult it would be for me to give this kind of advice to five year olds. By placing myself in this picture my heart ached and was torn with grief. I left that country determined to sponsor as many children I could so that they could experience a better life.

Over the last twenty-five days, America became a part of a picture when the nation of Haiti was hit with one of the worst earthquakes ever. Personally, I tried to put myself in the picture by being a mother who was thankful for being alive, but yet devastated because I could not find my children. Better yet, being a mother who had to bury her husband and children after pulling them from the rubble. Herein is a role that I would struggle to play and opt to give to another.

However, these are the moments when we must refuse to shut up the bowels of our compassion, and step into the picture with our hearts willing to serve in any way we can. Many of us cannot take a trip to Haiti and get in the picture, but we can put our money into the picture.

Today, take a moment and decide to get into the Haiti picture. The director is auditioning for roles. What role will you play in helping life to be better for someone else?

Find an organization that you can link to and put your resources into the picture. If you do not have one, link to today and become a role player for the good of others.


  1. You are right. Now that I live on the island of Hispaniola, I see suffering every day. Sometimes it is too much to bear! We should all pour out our hearts for those hurting around us. I see life so differently now that I have been here. Thank you for your insight. I pray God's blessings upon you and your husband as you pour into the lives of those hurting near you and far away from you. XOXOXO

  2. You are always challenging us to bring our love and strength as women together to reach others-no heart is too far to touch. I love reading your and learning from your posts.

  3. Wow! What a challenge Lady J!Thank you for opening the eyes of Americans to the plight of others.Some movies U wouldn't want a part in but we don't always have a choice, do we?

    Courtney McBath

  4. Thank you Pastor Janeen for reminding us how important it is to become a part of the solution.

  5. Amen and Amen! Well said and although there are many roles we wouldn't want to act in I will say that whenever GOD puts one before us (like meeting a need), how can we say no?!

    Thank you for a heart-tender and provoking to action message! Love you.