Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moments of Contentment

Contentment in the 2lst century is not a natural response for us. We are faced with so much pain, economic stress and struggle that place demands on our peace.

Listen we don’t even have to sow these brambles they just come up naturally. Apostle Paul says, “…I have learned to be content” (Phil 4:1) Paul even knew to be content doesn’t come naturally, but it must take time to be learned.

I like the smell and look of beautiful flowers. However, I don’t have the greenest thumb to care for them at times. But someone said if you want flowers there must be a garden and a gardener’s care in order to cultivate the garden. Therefore just liking flowers was not good enough. There must be the cultivation for life.

That is how peace and contentment is to God’s kingdom. Peace is given to us, as Christians, but we must know how to cultivate it. We must take on the discipline of the gardener and exercise contentment in an unstable generation through our continual relationship with Him.

Discipline allows us to experience powerful moments of contentment on a daily basis. This kind of contentment will come naturally and be acquired gradually as we need it.

So together let’s quiet our murmurings, natural though they may be, and become a student in the School of Contentment.

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