Monday, March 15, 2010


Lady J Book Club ladies:

We covered so much in our last book club gathering in February. Our author, Joanna Weaver has been truly enlightening through her non-defensive writings. Today, I want to capitalize on one key area of our sharing and that is removing fear from our emotions. Fear is such a crippling disease. It keeps us from moving forward and grabbing hold to what belongs to us.

You may have heard me share this story many times before that I am not fond of mice. I have a real natural fear of those little creatures. I know many people tell me that we are larger than them, but that doesn’t matter they create great fear in my life. I have gone from jumping in chairs while taking dictation from my boss to jumping on top of pool tables because of seeing a mouse. May I remind you that I am not a small framed lady in any sense of the word. However, just the thought of seeing a mouse in front of me or on television, paralyzes my emotions.

Now, you may not have this kind of fear for these little furry creatures, but there may be another kind of fear that puts a strong demand on your emotions that disengages you from moving forward. Just to list a few: fear of the past, fear of moving into an unknown territory or fear of starting all over again in a relationship. Whatever the case may be, don’t let fear paralyze you!

As the author stated in her book, “don’t let a fearful heart cause you to shrink from duty or compromise your principles.” Neither should you think that making a strong commitment to move forward will cause some prominent person would think less of you. If they do, they will get over it! Kathy Bates did, in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. When her amazon female alter ego “Twanda” came out, she stood up for herself and took control.

You may not have an alter ego character, but the power of God in you should stand up and take control over every paralyzing situation in your life so that you can move forward successfully.

Until next time, on our journey of reading we will discover what kind of spirit we operate out of most of the time. We will ask: is it critical? Competitive? Or controlling? HHHMMM!?!

Note: Lady J Book Club meets every 4th Friday of the month @ l2 noon at Calvary Revival Church. We are reading Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver…for more information check out my website


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  2. Can I just say, I can RELATE regarding the rodents!!!!

    Fear is very crippling to say the least. It was fear that spiraled me into the sinful decision of an abortion in 1991 rather than trusting GOD who at the time I knew as my Savior but NOT as my LORD. Big difference. Coming from a childhood of being abused and all sorts of things, trusting GOD or people was not high on my list. I share my story on one of my blogs if you have a moment to listen:

    I found 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 to be extremely helpful to me with overcoming ALL the fears I had. I used to fear flying, snakes, spiders, birds, cats (like you wouldn't believe) and now I'm happy to report that since those many years ago of my deliverance; it is only rodents that's still on that list above. I'm believing to overcome that as well!